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the cool coffee cie

Leave a lasting impression, captivate your audience, and establish a brand identity that oozes coolness and confidence. 

a cool & groovy brand

Embrace the cool and groovy allure of our brand template and take your brand to new heights of style and self-expression.

Are you looking for an identity that screams cool & fun or does she whisper classic elegance? 

in 3 easy steps

Step 1

create your dream brand identity

Just update the logo with your name, add in your baseline & tweak the brand colors.

Step 2

Your semi-custom brand identity is now uniquely your own and your brand is ready to launch.

Step 3
Select the Dream Brand Template that aligns with you most 
Have your Business name ready, and our template will do the rest!

And voilà! 
That's it!
You're done!

Make it yours

Update your brand template to create a unique identity.

The training will automatically be delivered to your inbox with each purchase. 

We go through Canva and brand design basics, updating a brand template in real time. 

DIY made Easy

Watch our video training to learn how to customize your brand yourself in a few hours!

Get your brand


Our brand templates are easily customizable on Canva. But, if you prefer to have our professional guidance or just don't have time you can hire us to customize it for you!⁠

Done for you branding

For those who like things done for them or want to go further in their branding journey.

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